[EN] Netherlands – Russia, 1-3

Outplayed, outrun, outsmarted and outfoxed. Russia were better every single minute of this quarter final.

[EN] Netherlands – Romania, 2-0

I’m lazy today. I’ll just leave it to The Sun: Quite simply, this Holland side look like European champions already — and if nothing else they have won the popular vote across the continent after this performance. The Dutch raised eyebrows from here to Zurich, where France and Italy were playing for their lives, after […]

[EN] Netherlands – France, 4-1

Wow, CNN/FanNation said it best again! Something absolutely thrilling is happening in Euro 2008. Think about it: In the span of five days the Dutch outscored the two participants in the 2006 World Cup final by the absurd margin of 7-1. Seven to one! Four years after Greece rode cynical, negative soccer all the way […]

[EN] Pom d’Orange

Who should we back for Euro 2008? Holland’s football is admired all over the world. Their philosophy on the game and how it should be played is one I respect and I think many other football fans would say the same. It’s all about technique and playing with imagination. Going Dutch: Guardian readers say Brits […]

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