[EN] Ex-Incommunicado

The countless readers of my weblog (seriously, I don’t count them) will have noticed that my webserver was offline for over fourteen hours today. When I arrived at work this morning, I found that out myself. The first thing I do when I get in (well, the second, who can start the day without coffee?) […]

[EN] Server Migration

Today, I moved some stuff around (server-wise) at home. My old and trusted FreeBSD 7.2 server (A Dell Dimension 8300, the bottom one in the picture), serving my websites (BAMP), zone files, OpenVPN tunnels, SSH and mail services has been retired, and all services have been moved to my former XP desktop, a Dell Dimension […]

[EN] Linux Sucks! (and they know it)

It’s not an integrated operating system. It’s an inferior desktop. It makes for a crappy server held together by crappy tools, and some spittle. Documentation consists of an 8-year-old’s prose, if it exists at all. Development is chaotic, disjointed, and fragmented. Functionality is down to “magic and fingers crossed” (read: ugly hacks that will break […]

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