[EN] New Phone

After almost exactly three years with my trusted SonyEricsson K750i (and I had a SonyEricsson T68i before that) it was about time for a new one. Since I very much like SonyEricsson phones, I followed the natural path to the K850i, which I received yesterday. I found the blue and green models a little too […]

[EN] End of Cycle

No comment … Photograph by Jose Fidelino Vera Hernandez/AP Photo

[EN] The New MLK?

Beautiful set of pictures in Vanity Fair this week, portraying Barack Obama on the campaign trail.  There is no outspoken allusion to the Great Black Hope of the fifties and sixties, but really, with a picture like the one below … is it even necessary? Photograph by Larry Fink

[EN] Doc Martens – Harvest 2008

Ready to go!

[EN] The Big Sleep

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