[EN] Christopher Hitchens – Collected Articles, Memories, and Obituaries

The End of God. “Oh, Lord?” “Hm, yes, Peter?” “Someone here to see you.” “Ah, I see. Who is it?” “One Christopher Hitchens, Lord.” “Oh. Oh shit! Oh fucking shit!” “Yes, Lord. Shall we drink the Kool-Aid now?” “Yes. Yes! Hurry! In remembrance of my friend Hitch – Guest Voices – The Washington Post A […]

[EN] Atheist Quotes

Being on Twitter and having strong opinions on some matters, religion in particular, sometimes leads to heated discussions. The format of Twitter messages, binding you to a strict 140 character message length, forces you to be precise and to the point. Over time, this has produced a number of one-liners, and I want to put […]

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