[EN] The 120 Minutes Archive (MTV)

This was the only thing I would ever watch on MTV. Good thing it’s back in archived form! If you like alternative and indie music, you will appreciate this, I’m sure .. The 120 Minutes Archive – Playlists, videos, and interviews from MTV’s classic alternative music series.

[EN] Music for Cold Souls

I saw the excellent and thought-provoking film Cold Souls recently, and I was impressed with a couple of songs on the soundtrack. I’d never heard of the artist (Lhasa de Sela, what a beautiful name), but I was taken with her music right away. It has elements of fado, and it also reminds me of […]

[EN] Sonic Sanborn with Pixies

David Sanborn introducing and jamming with Sonic Youth. David Sanborn introducing The Pixies’ US television debut. Man, I thought I’d seen it all! Sonic Youth Video (can’t embed, sorry)

[EN] An Horse – Camp Out

I like very much! Nice and clangy! Reminds me a bit of Throwing Muses.

[EN] Esperanza Spalding

Meet Esperanza Spalding. Small girl, big bass. Another fine network television debut on Letterman last Wednesday (“the coolest person we’ve ever had on this show”). Not necessarily my kind of jazz, but the combination of bass and vocals is not very common. Enticing lyrics as well, though there is a limit on the amount of […]

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