[EN] The 120 Minutes Archive (MTV)

This was the only thing I would ever watch on MTV. Good thing it’s back in archived form! If you like alternative and indie music, you will appreciate this, I’m sure .. The 120 Minutes Archive – Playlists, videos, and interviews from MTV’s classic alternative music series.

[EN] Music for Cold Souls

I saw the excellent and thought-provoking film Cold Souls recently, and I was impressed with a couple of songs on the soundtrack. I’d never heard of the artist (Lhasa de Sela, what a beautiful name), but I was taken with her music right away. It has elements of fado, and it also reminds me of […]

[EN] The Long Take

As a follow-up to the previous post. DAILY FILM DOSE: A Daily Film Appreciation and Review Blog: THE LONG TAKE. Some obvious duplication, but some great new long takes as well.

[EN] The 10 best long tracking shots ever filmed

Mike Harvkey – Closely Watched – The 10 best long tracking shots ever filmed – True/Slant. The first example: Mikhail Kalatozov, I Am Cuba, 1964. This is one of the most strikingly beautiful films ever made. Don’t mind the propaganda (Russian-born Kalatozov also made the stunning The Cranes Are Flying, an equally propagandist movie about […]

[EN] Sonic Sanborn with Pixies

David Sanborn introducing and jamming with Sonic Youth. David Sanborn introducing The Pixies’ US television debut. Man, I thought I’d seen it all! Sonic Youth Video (can’t embed, sorry)

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