[EN] The State of Statelessness

Or: how FTP blew it all for the rest of us. YouTube – TEDxMidAtlantic-Marcus Ranum-11/5/09.

[EN] Ground Zero: BSD 4.3

The Greatest Software Ever Written. So there you have it: The single Greatest Piece of Software Ever, with the broadest impact on the world, was BSD 4.3. Other Unixes were bigger commercial successes. But as the cumulative accomplishment of the BSD systems, 4.3 represented an unmatched peak of innovation. BSD 4.3 represents the single biggest […]

[EN] Server Migration

Today, I moved some stuff around (server-wise) at home. My old and trusted FreeBSD 7.2 server (A Dell Dimension 8300, the bottom one in the picture), serving my websites (BAMP), zone files, OpenVPN tunnels, SSH and mail services has been retired, and all services have been moved to my former XP desktop, a Dell Dimension […]

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