[EN] No basis for morality?

This was originally a Google+ post comment (about “an atheist cannot be moral because without religion there is no basis for moral judgments”) that turned into a nice little rant. Basic human morality has nothing to do with religion. If that were the case, I, as a life-long atheist who was never indoctrinated by religion, […]

[EN] Christopher Hitchens – Collected Articles, Memories, and Obituaries

The End of God. “Oh, Lord?” “Hm, yes, Peter?” “Someone here to see you.” “Ah, I see. Who is it?” “One Christopher Hitchens, Lord.” “Oh. Oh shit! Oh fucking shit!” “Yes, Lord. Shall we drink the Kool-Aid now?” “Yes. Yes! Hurry! In remembrance of my friend Hitch – Guest Voices – The Washington Post A […]

[EN] Atheist Quotes

Being on Twitter and having strong opinions on some matters, religion in particular, sometimes leads to heated discussions. The format of Twitter messages, binding you to a strict 140 character message length, forces you to be precise and to the point. Over time, this has produced a number of one-liners, and I want to put […]

[EN] Irish atheists fight new blasphemy laws

This past summer, a new law passed in Ireland which made blasphemy, the simple act of challenging or offending a religious belief, a punishable crime with a fine of up to €25,000 ($35,810). The scientist and religious critic, Richard Dawkins, called this a “return to the middle ages.” As of yesterday, the law officially went […]

[EN] Bill Maher’s Religulous

Saw Bill Maher’s Religulous yesterday. Regular viewers of Real Time with Bill Maher and Bill’s standup shows will know what to expect, and Bill doesn’t fail to deliver. Religulous is a good-humoured attack on religious beliefs in general and the big religious organisations in the US in particular. Through a series of irreverent interviews with […]

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