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Posted on July 18, 2008
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Yesterday, I took delivery of my new vacuum cleaner. Yes, I’m aware of the fact that this is not really a high-profile addition to my Boys & Toys Lifestyle (cough), but it is not just any vacuum cleaner. I was kind of fed up with those. So I decided to try one of those Dyson models, the Dyson DC23 Animal, to be precise. The word Animal refers to its use (i.e. removing pet hair — not from pets, from carpets and floors), not to itself, though it does growl and claw at the carpets.

The people at the web store seemed to think that delivering a vacuum cleaner to a dude could be shameful, so they packed the box in an even bigger plain brown box. I don’t think they should have used a bigger box with the text “Kiddy Comfort Pro” on it though. Hope my neighbours didn’t see it, or I might end up on a paedophile watch list somewhere.

Anyway. The Dyson.

Of course I was eager to try it out immediately (after all, what is more fun than vacuuming in the evening after a day’s work?). It took a little while to get it assembled (IKEA-style drawings that can only be understood by those who made them), but turning the power on provided an interesting moment. The vacuum sounded like a power drill on full speed, but without actually drilling. It did suck about a cat’s worth of hairs and dust out of my carpets, so it definitely outsucks my Dirt Devil (crappy vacuums anyway), which I had used only five days earlier (the hose broke, after only 1.5 years).

It did take me a few days to actually order it, because the Dyson vacuum cleaners (especially the older types, say the DC0x and DC1x models), seemed to generate very extreme reviews; they were either 0/10 or 10/10, they were either ‘heavenly’ or ‘hellish’, they would either ‘suck a golf ball through a garden hose’ or ‘leave half the dust behind’. I could only find rave reviews for the newer models though, expecially the DC23. So, ok.

It’s still too early to state with any certainty that the Dyson is worth its rather lofty price tag (though the web store was fifty euros cheaper than any of its competitors, including all other web stores), but as a piece of technical engineering and modern design, it is definitely quite interesting.

And it sucks.

Dyson DC23 Animal
Dyson DC23 Animal


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