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Posted on August 29, 2009
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Today, I moved some stuff around (server-wise) at home.

My old and trusted FreeBSD 7.2 server (A Dell Dimension 8300, the bottom one in the picture), serving my websites (BAMP), zone files, OpenVPN tunnels, SSH and mail services has been retired, and all services have been moved to my former XP desktop, a Dell Dimension 9150, the top one in the picture).

I switched to a FreeBSD laptop last year, so the XP desktop machine was switched off and gathering dust. It has now been put to much better use.

My new server is running FreeBSD 8.0-BETA3, just like my laptop, and my old server will be wiped clean, installed with FreeBSD 8.0 too, and turned into a backup/file server in my LAN.

I’ve been using FreeBSD since the 2.2.5 days, and I must say that installing and upgrading FreeBSD is always a pleasure. The whole migration took only a few hours (including compiling the OS, kernel and ports, and rsync’ing the user data and configuration files), and was, a few little snags aside, virtually painless.

Here’s to ever more years of trouble-free FreeBSD serving!


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