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Posted on July 6, 2008
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After almost exactly three years with my trusted SonyEricsson K750i (and I had a SonyEricsson T68i before that) it was about time for a new one. Since I very much like SonyEricsson phones, I followed the natural path to the K850i, which I received yesterday. I found the blue and green models a little too flashy, so I decided to go with the Quicksilver/Black one (the link shows many images plus box contents), which arrived in a very stylish shiny black box, containing an array of smaller black boxes, booklets, etcetera.

Switching from the simple K750i joystick to the combination of touchscreen and ‘D’ navigation needs some getting used to, but it certainly is a very classy looking phone, without being too ‘in your face’. It also has a nice shape and weight.

Now I know the K850i is not exactly the newest model, but I refuse to pay a premium for a new model, knowing that prices will be cut in a few months. By now, I managed to get it at a very low price with a renewal of my provider subscription. Everybody happy, right?



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