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Posted on December 8, 2007
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With Sara visiting me for the second time I found that my sofa was rather uncomfortable and inconvenient. When I bought it (about a year ago, when I bought this apartment) it seemed like a wise choice: I don’t spend a lot of time on sofas and/or in front of a television, so I just ordered a cheap, bland, and largely maintenance-free sofa from a catalog.

Anyhow, when you have someone around, the Law of Attraction states that sofa time increases, and so the time has come to invest in a little more comfort and luxury. which is why I came up with this nice, soft, very comfortable and squishy sofa that can easily accomodate the both of us. A real ‘hang around’ sofa.

We went to De Bijenkorf first, and we saw some really lovely sofas there, but somehow a price tag of nearly 3000 euro and a delivery date of twelve weeks into the future didn’t appeal to me. So, IKEA to the rescue once again! We found this one in under thirty minutes, and it will be delivered before Christmas, which is when Sara will be visiting again. Add a much more pleasant price tag to that, and Bob’s your uncle.

P.S.: it doesn’t really look like it in the picture, but this sofa is huge! If you know how tall I am, you can picture me stretched out on it, barely touching the arm rests .. So that means close to 6’4″, or 2 meters.


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