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Posted on November 5, 2008
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All fired up about Obama? Convinced that politics will turn a new leaf? Some quotes:

The establishment of government is in tandem with the influence and power of corporations and banks. The life blood is money, which is, in fact, an illusion that now has little relevance to society and serves as a tool for manipulation and division along a kind of social organization that guarantees elitism, crime, war and social stratification. […] .. equally as dangerous as the Establishment Power Structures, are the people who have been conditioned to completely accept the static understandings put forth by these systems… therefore becoming: “Self Appointed Guardians of the Status Quo”. This applies to every system, especially political, financial and religious systems. Since people’s identities become associated with the doctrines of a Country, Religion or Business ethic, it often becomes very difficult for a person to change, for his or her identity has become combined with the ideologies which have been imposed upon them. Therefore, they perpetuate the doctrine of the institution, simply to maintain their personal integrity, as they see it.

(can you hear “U S A ! U S A !” in the background here?)

“The human species is the only species that has the ability to interfere with their own growth”. This is an important understanding, for our belief systems, which we think we must keep to support our identities, often stand in the way of new, changing understandings and personal growth. The most dominant institutions which perpetuate this paralysis seem to be Theistic Religion and The Monetary System. Theistic religion promotes a fix world view, with a “faith” based understanding that rejects logic and new information. The Monetary System (in all countries) is based on Competition for Labor and thus Labor for Money. Very simply, the “competitive edge” can only be sustained through self-perpetuation, and self-perpetuation/self interest naturally leads to a static institution which prefers not to change, for it threatens the survival of that business, government or the like…

Outmoded ideologies that do not stand up to the test of time, such as theistic religion, compound this myth that humans/society are built a certain way. For example, the Catholic ideology states that humans are “born with sin”. This is absurd, outmoded and based on a primitive understanding of human behavior. There is no difference between a Ghandi baby or a Hitler baby… it is the environment that shapes the person and hence the society (and vice versa). Therefore, true Sociological change will come from removing the conditions that cause the aberrant behavior patterns which pollute our societies. Prison, Police and Laws are mere patchwork and, in fact, tend to make things worse over time. Ultimately, it is going to take a redesign of our culture to change human behavior for the better.

In a true society, there would be no such thing as the separation of “work and “leisure”, for humans should be allowed to pursue whatever they feel is relevant. To put it a different way, consider the curiosity and interest of a child. He or she doesn’t even know what money is… Do they need to be motivated by money to go out and explore/create? No. They have a personal interest and they pursue it without reward. In fact, the greatest contributors to our society, such as Einstein, Newton or Galileo, pursued what they did without any regard to money. They did it because they wanted to. The act of doing and contributing was their reward. The point here is that money is not a true incentive for anything and to think as such is to assume that humans are inherently lazy and corrupt. Laziness and corruption are products of the conditioning our social system creates.

Piqued your interest? Wonder what a cybernated high-technological resource based economy is? Want to try your hand at really thinking outside the box? Wonder what a society without a monetary system would look like and why a society with such a system will always have inescapable debt, systemic corruption and artifical scarcity, and what role central banks, the World Bank and the IMF play?

Watch the Zeitgeist movie (large screen)

Part One: The Greatest Story Ever Told
The Jesus Myth and Christianity Revealed
Part Two: All the World is a Stage
The 9/11 Conspiracy
Part Three: Don’t Mind the Men Behind the Curtain
The FED, the IRS and False Flag Wars

Watch the Zeitgeist 2008 Addendum (large screen)

The root causes of pervasive social corruption
A new social system

Torrents for both movies (separate or combined)

P.S. Contrary to how it may look, this is not your run-of-the-mill “Conspiracy Theory fare”, with the exception of the 9/11 chapter in the first film  — resembling the subject matter of Loose Change and other “9/11 was an inside job” documentaries — most of which has been debunked by research by the BBC and others. I have never subscribed to these outlandish conspiracy theories, simply because the level of secrecy and planning involved is not something large amounts of people, or a governement for that matter, are capable of. These movies propose a vista to a different lay-out of society and a reworking of its current institutions (monetary system, political structure, social convention) that we are so used to that it is almost impossible to envisage a world without them.


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