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Posted on September 16, 2008
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I decided to join LinkedIn yesterday.

I’m not too big a fan of social networking sites (I was on Facebook, but left it due to increasing privacy concerns, and I’m still on Hyves), primarily because most people I know are not on them and refuse to join them..

I’m quite amazed by how many people I found, especially from the good old Wirehub days, when I was in daily contact with abuse techs and peering/newsfeed admins all over the world. Turns out that they are almost all there, on LinkedIn, and happy to hook up with me again.

That gives me an excellent opportunity to rebuild my old network of contacts, which I more or less left behind when I had to pull out of my spam fighting efforts (*.blackholes.wirehub.net, *.blackholes.easynet.nl) and my USENET peering activities (newsfeed.wirehub.net, newsfeed.easynet.nl) — in other words, when I left easynet in 2004, and left ‘the Internet inner circle’.

Moreover, a lot of people I met when I started out on the Net around 1993, most of them newsgroup die-hards in the nl.* hierarchy, are on LinkedIn as well.

I have to say that I was quite hesitant at first to shoot off a few dozen ‘Join my network’ type of messages to a bunch of people whose names I only remembered upon reading them, but I got quite a few ‘Hey Ben!!’ types of replies back (with a tacit, but implicit ‘I thought you were dead and buried’ attached), and soon thereafter, people started asking me to join their networks. In fact, I saw several people hooking up because they found each other through my network.

Good to see all of these people back! If you’re on LinkedIn yourself and want to get back in touch, you can do so here.


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