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Posted on February 21, 2015
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On the behavior of Dutch hooligans in Rome, last Thursday, and the response to it, from Rome:

Lots of big words are coming out of a country that elected a fascist prime minister repeatedly, allows a fascist party and fascist politicians in parliament, and an openly fascist football club in its own capital. Also, please ignore the clear reports of provocation by your masked and anonymous police forces (http://supportersnotcustomers.com/2015/02/20/italys-worst-hooligans/).

And for those Italians who start screaming: “That’s not true for all Italians!” .. now you know why calling ALL Dutch and ALL Feyenoord supporters “animals” and “beasts”, and demanding apologies from an ENTIRE country or even the CLUB Feyenoord is fucking ridiculous.

You are no more civilized than the assholes that vandalised your city. SHAME ON YOU, TOO, for responding and flailing around like emotionally unstable children.

Oh, and apologize for the barbaric circumstances on Lampedusa and for how you treat the Roma people and immigrants in general while you’re here. You know, those people you also call “animals” and “beasts”.

See how that feels.

Not nice, is it?

Vergogna, indeed.

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2 Responses to “[EN] AS Roma – Feyenoord”

  1. Hello,

    today, someone has probably tried to hack your site. Specifically, the Italians.
    When you want to prevent this in the future, please write the following to the end of your .htaccess:

    order allow, deny
    deny from fastwebnet.it
    deny from albacom.net
    deny from eutelia.it
    allow from all

    With kind regards

  2. People try to hack into everything every day. That’s why we have PF, Snort, and Tripwire. I’m not worried about Italians, specifically..

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