[EN] If you ask me to respect your religion and beliefs …

Posted on February 21, 2012
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If you ask me to respect your religion and beliefs …

  • You’re asking me to include and accept you, when you exclude and disrespect anyone not like you
  • You’re asking me for the same thing you refuse to give to a non-believer or other religions
  • You’re asking me to casually glance over your blatant disrespect for science, facts, and observation
  • You’re asking me to disregard hypocrisy, child abuse, indoctrination, misogyny, homophobia
  • You’re asking me to insult caring, helpful, and kind people by attributing everything to a sky daddy
  • You’re asking me to buy a car from you without GPS, taking directions from a donkey-riding hippie
  • You’re actually asking me to join you in condemning all other cults, sects, and denominations
  • You’re asking me to censor myself around you, but to accept the vile and ignorant opinions you spew ..

Go on, ask me again.



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