[EN] Being Smoke-Free: Two Months

Posted on October 21, 2010
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Not really much to add to what’s already been written about Being Smoke-Free: One Month, other than that it’s been two months today, and that I show no signs of falling back into old habits.

The number of days without any thought of a smoke is steadily increasing in number, and decreasing in frequency, and the moments where I think “I used to have a smoke while doing this” are steadily decreasing. Moreover, my (still) smoking co-workers leave me alone on this subject (this is reciprocal, which helps), which is a nice bonus.

I’m not going to do this each and every month, don’t worry!


3 Responses to “[EN] Being Smoke-Free: Two Months”

  1. Sara Hobin

    Hello Mr. Grimm!

    How goes it? This is amazing!! Well done you! x

  2. One last comment: it’s six months to the day, and of the three smokers in my department, two have now given up as well. It sucks to be a leader!

  3. I could’ve said “It’s a drag”, but don’t want to pile it on …

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