[EN] No basis for morality?

This was originally a Google+ post comment (about “an atheist cannot be moral because without religion there is no basis for moral judgments”) that turned into a nice little rant. Basic human morality has nothing to do with religion. If that were the case, I, as a life-long atheist who was never indoctrinated by religion, […]

[EN] What irks me about popular science

I know, I should be grateful that there are a number of great and communicative scientists who are willing to invest time in bringing their research and theoretical insight to a wider audience. I do believe though that they sometimes resort to rhetorical tricks to help that understanding. The one that annoys me the most […]

[EN] If you ask me to respect your religion and beliefs …

If you ask me to respect your religion and beliefs … You’re asking me to include and accept you, when you exclude and disrespect anyone not like you You’re asking me for the same thing you refuse to give to a non-believer or other religions You’re asking me to casually glance over your blatant disrespect […]

[EN] Christopher Hitchens – Collected Articles, Memories, and Obituaries

The End of God. “Oh, Lord?” “Hm, yes, Peter?” “Someone here to see you.” “Ah, I see. Who is it?” “One Christopher Hitchens, Lord.” “Oh. Oh shit! Oh fucking shit!” “Yes, Lord. Shall we drink the Kool-Aid now?” “Yes. Yes! Hurry! In remembrance of my friend Hitch – Guest Voices – The Washington Post A […]

[EN] The Hand of God

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