[EN] AS Roma – Feyenoord

On the behavior of Dutch hooligans in Rome, last Thursday, and the response to it, from Rome: Lots of big words are coming out of a country that elected a fascist prime minister repeatedly, allows a fascist party and fascist politicians in parliament, and an openly fascist football club in its own capital. Also, please […]

[EN] Yeah, you know what?

I am probably not going to be doing much on this blog any more. In case you hadn’t noticed. I guess I’ll keep it around as an archive. Most of my musings can be found on Google Plus, where I have a bigger and wider audience than this blog might ever have, and where interaction […]

[EN] Solipsism II

[EN] Solipsism I

[EN] I’ll denounce the Theory of Evolution

This is how it works. You come up with a competing scientific theory. You come up with a set of valid and testable null hypotheses derived from that theory. You rigorously test and re-test these null hypotheses, using field studies and statistical data processing, and you never alter or cherry-pick the data to match your […]

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